Singapore Management University (SMU) International Connections (ICON) Camp 2017

Organiser: Singapore Management University (SMU)
Date: 14 –16 August 2017
SMU International Connections Camp

The SMU ICON Camp is a special programme that helps incoming international students adapt to life in the university and the culture and norms in Singapore, as well as providing a platform for interaction with local students  
Learning SinglishHaving fun at the zoo

This 3-day camp programme leverages on interactive activities to encourage teamwork and bonding, and bring participants on with food trails to experience local hawker centre culture. For 2017, SMU introduced a walking heritage tour, games to learn about Singapore culture, and food from different ethnicities and nationalities provided by the university’s cultural clubs. A highlight of the camp was the screening of the 'Lapis Sagu' anthology of short films, which explore local-foreigner relations and social integration, followed by a post-show breakout discussion, encouraging students to further reflect on what integration means to them.

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