CXI International Friendship Day 2017

Organiser: ConneXions International
Date: 1 October, 7 October and 4 November 2017
Song performance 'Home' at IFD

The International Friendship Day (IFD) celebration organised by ConneXions International (CXI) is a cultural celebration event with an ‘Amazing Singapore Race II’ activity that encourages interaction, cross-cultural exposure, as well as emphasise social and ethnic integration and harmony.

For the amazing race, participants in mixed groups of 5-7 members visit various places of cultural interest and diversity to complete cultural challenges and work together to produce short documentaries on the topic ‘Amazing Singapore’. The activities provide opportunities for cultural learning where participants reflect on Singapore’s uniqueness and harmony in the midst of diversity. Participants also join in a carnival at the National Library, where they are treated with performances from embassies, community and cultural groups, and screening of the top 3 ‘Amazing Singapore’ documentaries. The friendship continues after the event, as CXI is also organising two follow-up gatherings in October and November 2017 for participants to reconnect and share their cross-cultural experiences.
CXI International Friendship Day
Last updated on 02 August 2018