The branches under the Healthcare Services Employees’ Union (HSEU) located in the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) Campus area organised a HSEU-SGH Campus Union Night on 2 December 2017 for healthcare staff from different countries to mingle and get a chance to know one another better outside of work.

Participants were encouraged to dress according to a cross-cultural theme and try out the traditional costumes of another nationality and race, to better appreciate the diverse backgrounds of their co-workers. With over 150 participants, one of the highlights of the event was a talent competition, where staff showcased their talents in singing, dancing and other exciting performances. To further encourage mixing, teams were formed comprising staff of different nationalities.

The organisers from the Union hoped that event participants from different countries would get to know their colleagues better and build stronger relationships to strengthen harmony in a multicultural workplace environment.

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HSEU-SGH Campus Union Night

Last updated on 02 August 2018